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How to test rose hip oil to know purity

Looking to invest in the most beneficial facial oil for glowing skin? An oil that is high in antioxidants, filled with the goodness of vitamin A and C, rosehip oil can do wonders for you but it needs to be a specific quality for it to even work as a bare minimum.

Purity Test

  1. The color- Pure cold pressed rosehip oil ranges from a mild amber color to aa dark orange with a deep red hue depending on the type of rosehip used.

  2. The smell- Rosehip oil has a earthy and nutty aroma

  3. Stain- Pure, cold pressed rosehip oil can stain people with very fair complexions because of the beta-carotene present in the oil.

Keep in mind

  1. Avoid colorless rosehip oils since they have no benefits, they are extremely refined with no skin benefits

  2. Avoid rosehip oils that smell of roses, chances are they have scents added to them that can cause problems for some skin types

  3. Avoid refined rosehip oil since most of the beneficial nutrients in them has been extracted out with chemical processes, they have no skincare value.

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