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Best reusable under eye mask patches In India ?

After staring at our computers for seven hours straight, there is nothing more refreshing than under eye masks but the under-eye masks that are available in India just didn't cut it for us so we created KOQAL Eye Jewels ™️ We wanted to create a under eye mask that was not huge but only covered the under eyes and fit Indian eyes properly so we can do our skincare routine in time and the eye mask has time to work. As women over 30, we have very few minutes for selfcare and we wanted to create an under eye patch that can be used daily and worked within 10-15 minutes of application.

KOQAL Eye Jewels ™️ are the best reusable under eye patches for Indian Eyes, these reusable under eye mask patches can be used anytime and any day. Who are the KOQAL Eye Jewels ™️ for?

-If you work long hours and think you need under eye patches for dark circles

-If you feel that you’re under eyes are dry and dehydrated

-If you wake up with puffy under eyes

-If you feel your under-eye cream does not absorb properly into your skin

How do KOQAL Eye Jewels ™️ work?

Made with a unique blend of medical grade silicone, sized and shaped specially for Indian eyes. KOQAL Eye Jewels ™️ reusable under eye mask patches fit Indian eyes perfectly. These Under eye patches when applied, help in reducing under eye puffiness while helping your under-eye cream absorb better.

How do you use KOQAL Eye Jewels ™️?

Step 1: Apply a very little bit of any under eye productStep 2: Let the under-eye product become stickyStep 3: Place KOQAL Eye Jewels ™️ Away from the lash line on you’re under eyeStep 4: Let it work its magic while you do your skincare and makeup routineStep 5: Remove the KOQAL eye Jewels ™️ and pat down the skin before applying your fav concealer

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